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The countdown to the roll-out of the goods and services tax, or GST, has begun. The government, enterprises, regulators and consumers are gearing up to handle the tax implications of “one-country one-market structure”. A lot has already been written about how enterprises can prepare for GST. However, in my opinion, GST is not just a financial reform, but a broader business reform to company formation in India It has the potential to relook at how enterprises conduct their business in India.
With GST, enterprises have an opportunity to revamp systems, go beyond the physical constraints of supply chain, and focus on what matters the most for any business—customer experience! It doesn’t just stop there. With delinking of the physical footprint from direct tax implications, enterprises can use this opportunity to move beyond physical structures, ‘go digital’ and provide digital experiences in setting up business in India.

Original source: http://bit.ly/1Mduzbi